Coffee vs Mushroom Coffee

You might wonder which you should drink, mushroom coffee vs coffee on its own, just brewed by itself. It's not so much that the latter is bad, it's just that there's so much to the former that you may wonder if it's better to drink mushroom coffee instead of regular coffee. As it happens, mushroom coffee is just as delicious. That said, here are a few things to consider.

Mushroom Coffee Is Less Acidic

There are many benefits to coffee, but a reason to opt for mushroom coffee instead is that mushrooms are alkaline, which counteract the acidity of coffee. A common complaint among coffee drinkers is an upset stomach, especially when drinking that first cup in the morning. The reason, often enough, is the acidity in the coffee creating a sour stomach. Some people can't drink it without milk to curb the acidity. Additionally, coffee is known to stain the teeth, as well as wear down the enamel and tooth enamel just does not grow back. How to avoid it? You drink mushroom coffee vs coffee. You get the boost in energy, you get the flavor, but you skip the erosion of your teeth and upset stomach.

Mushroom Coffee Has Drastically More Antioxidants

Cordyceps MushroomsThough not the most antioxidant rich food available, coffee is the most consistent source of antioxidants in the American diet. However, mushroom coffee is absolutely packed with antioxidants, depending on the blend. If you want to eliminate free radicals, that's a great reason to consider mushroom coffee vs coffee. For instance, the chaga mushroom has almost three times the antioxidants as the acai berry, which is touted as the go-to source for healthful antioxidants. Anybody who has tried them will tell you that there is nothing else that will induce you to eat an acai berry over a blueberry besides the antioxidants. So while coffee is actually a healthy drink in this regard, mushroom coffee is more so.

Caffeine Has Nootropic Properties...But Mushroom Coffee Has More

Caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee that so many people crave (and makes some co-workers bearable) is an entry-level nootropic. (If you can't think of that co-worker in the office, it's probably you.) It stimulates brain activity...but mushroom coffee is even more powerful. Chaga and Lion's Mane contain powerful nootropic compounds, actually stimulating nerve growth and brain activity. Want to give your brain a boost? Reach for mushroom coffee instead.

Cut Down On The Jitters And Sleep Better

lions-mane mushroomsYou'll get more of a brain boost with mushroom coffee, but you'll also cut down on the jitters and the losing sleep with mushroom coffee compared to regular coffee. Caffeine, in and of itself, is a stimulant. It speeds up your heart rate and, as a downstream effect of sorts, gives you a cognitive boost as a result of the faster blood flow. However, mushroom coffee acts on neurotransmitters instead of your pulse. It makes your brain work better. The typical cup of coffee contains 150 to 200 milligrams of caffeine in the typical serving; the same serving of mushroom coffee contains 75 to 100 milligrams of caffeine. It's like the difference between pressing the accelerator pedal and upgrading the fuel system to burn fuel more efficiently. The first just makes you go faster due to higher RPMs, the other gets you more horsepower by making the machine itself run better.
You won't be up all night if you have a cup later in the day, and you won't get the shakes or the jitters. More benefits, fewer downsides...that's the thing to know about mushroom coffee vs coffee as normally brewed. Take a look at our mushroom coffee online store or click on the image below
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