Mushroom Coffee Benefits

I'm not trying that mushroom coffee, you say; I need the good stuff to keep me going and why on earth would I want to mess that up? After all, you can mess up a good thing. Except if you can make a good thing better. Mushroom coffee benefits are such that you just can't ignore them. This potent and powerful brew is a wonderful elixir of life, with so many positives that any perceived negatives are outweighed by far. Here are 6 benefits of mushroom coffee that you need to know about.

Mushroom Coffee Won't Give You The Jitters

Too much coffee - which some allege isn't a thing - can give you the jitters, which is a sign that you've ingested a little too much caffeine. Good news about mushroom coffee? That isn't as likely to happen. The amount you'd have to drink to give you the jitters is such that you likely won't be able to. The typical cup of coffee contains, depending on the coffee in question, 100 to 200 milligrams of caffeine in an 8-ounce cup. Mushroom coffee, depending on who makes it and what kind of beans are used, usually contains no more than 100 milligrams of caffeine in a typical serving. You still get a boost, but you won't get the jitters.

Double Up On The Antioxidants

One of the chief sources of antioxidants in the American diet is coffee. Coffee, as we all know, is made from roasting the seed of the kaffee berry, grinding it and infusing it with hot water. Dietary antioxidants, of course, are known to have myriad health benefits, helping to clear the system of free radicals. [caption id="attachment_543" align="alignright" width="300"]collagen coffee blend - locally roasted collagen coffee blend - locally roasted[/caption] Regular coffee is good, but mushroom coffee contains a whole lot more, bringing not only the antioxidants found in coffee but also glutothione and ergothianine, two powerful antioxidants found in Lion's Mane, Chaga and other mushrooms. You're getting double the antioxidant punch.

Polysaccharides Can Help Drop Your LDL

If you're concerned about the effects of diet on your heart, and you should be, then mushroom coffee should be on your short list of morning tonics. One of the benefits of eating mushrooms and certainly of having mushroom coffee is that mushrooms contain higher concentrations of polysaccharides than many other foods. Polysaccharides are known to reduce LDL, or low-density lipoprotein (the bad kind of cholesterol in the blood) and as such, is a fantastic heart-healthy drink. You also get less caffeine, as previously mentioned.

Get A Brain Boost Beyond The Normal Jolt Of Java

We all know caffeine gives you a pick me up, but mushroom coffee will give you a brain boost unlike any other. Mushrooms are known to have nootropic properties, which you get in conjunction with the perk up from the caffeine. Lion's Mane mushrooms, for instance, are showing to induce or enhance neurite outgrowth, or the growth of new axons from brain cells. It can potentially arrest the onset of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Cordyceps has been shown to normalize stress responses and mental energy levels. [caption id="attachment_1267" align="alignright" width="200"]roasted coffee Processed with VSCO with a6 preset[/caption]

Prebiotics For Easier Digestion

Don't like yogurt? Couldn't kombucha if you cared to? Can't kaffir to save your life? Hello, mushroom coffee, as mushrooms are known sources of prebiotics. This helps maintain gut flora and a healthy digestive tract. Mushrooms have been known to maintain healthy digestions for thousands of years, add mushroom coffee to your intake and get the prebiotics you need.

Mushroom Coffee Is Less Acidic

Coffee has very deleterious effects, but those that it does have are from how acidic coffee is. It stains teeth, wears at enamel and can easily upset your stomach from the acid content. Guess what cuts back on that?
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Mushrooms are alkali-rich, meaning the acidity of coffee is drastically reduced. You skip the jitters and have fewer dental and digestive issues. You might even say mushroom coffee is how you can improve on perfection.
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