we are defiant

Ronnie Watson


Ask yourself “What do I want out of life?” and “What was it that I used to be really passionate about?”

Now Ask yourself “What is stopping me from obtaining these goals”? and “Why did I give up on that passion”?

Like most of us, the answer lies in the fact we get busier, priorities change, we follow the path laid out in front of us that we are expected to follow, our bodies don’t perform like they used to, we don’t have the energy we did in our twenties, we don’t have time, blah…blah…blah…and we slowly die inside. Well I say screw that!!

Although I have sufferred torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders, fractures, back injuries,  etc, I still have the mindset I did when I was twenty! Go as big as possible and work hard to repair the damage!  Our bodies are amazing at repairing themselves, if given the right tools to do so.  I feel I am in my prime at 37 and expect to feel even better at 47!

When we focus on good health at a cellular level, eat right, move often, and continue to do things that fuel our fire, we can and will remain young until the end.  Remain Defiant towards the negativity that holds you back, follow your gut,  and give it all you got!

Never Give up ~ Never Give in!



Jeremy Deming

Creative Director

If you’re anything like me, then you may be getting a few more gray hairs, but you haven’t given up on continuing to do rad things!

I know i’m 40… I know my body is beat down from continuously living up to my Gen-X birthright, but my brain still likes to tell my body that it can continue to do things from my past… I love riding bikes, boards, and pressing myself to stay active at all costs… My life revolves around the fun days outdoors with my family and friends.

With my age has come some “wisdom”? Over the past 10 years I’ve been learning how to treat my body better through more regular exercise and of course my diet! I do my best to choose healthy, locally sourced nutritious foods whenever I can. Defiant Coffee is not only great tasting, but I know that the added ingredients have long term benefits that help my body continue to improve with age rather than fall apart.

We all need energy to do the things that we love, but today’s drinks and most foods are nothing short of toxins that have changed our general health. Defiant coffee is the original energy drink without all the harmful additives. In-fact, we’ve added natural “upgrades” to our artisan coffee that benefit our bodies natural ability to be awesome and function at it’s highest potential.

Never Give up! ~ Never Give in!


Never give up never give in