What's in mushroom coffee, you ask?

Well, there are mushrooms...and there is coffee. You want specifics? Oh, fine.
The thing is that mushroom coffee ingredients vary by whom is actually making it in terms of coffee, mushrooms and the nature of those mushrooms. We'll go over the different ways that mushroom coffee can be made, and then we'll talk about Defiant Mushroom Coffee.

How mushroom coffee becomes mushroom coffee

Mushroom Coffee Can Contain Mushroom Powder, Dried Mushrooms or Extract. So, about the mushrooms in mushroom coffee. They can take a number of forms. It all depends on a whole lot of who makes it and how they decide they are going to make mushroom coffee. The method of infusing the mushrooms with the coffee adds to the nutrients in the completed beverage. It also gives it a sweet affect the flavor. The first method is to add the mushroom powder to coffee. This is fairly straightforward. The powder mixes with the hot water, infusing and steeping with the grounds and making mushroom coffee. This is how a number of mushroom tea blends are made as well. Another method is to add pulverized dried mushrooms. These are bits of mushrooms that have been dried practically to dust and crushed like they owed the mushroom coffee company money. Little delicate bits of mushrooms go in with the beans or grounds. When you add the water, the pulverized bits, flecks and powder infuse and steep, giving you the flavor and benefits of mushroom coffee. The other method is to use mushroom extracts. The essential oils of the mushrooms that the blender chooses are added to the beans or grounds, adhering to the coffee. When you then grind the coffee for your morning cup, you release those oils onto the grounds.

What Type of Coffee is used in Mushroom Coffee?

The coffee also depends on whom you source your mushroom coffee from. After all, coffee can be sourced from many different places and can be of several types. Most coffee is Arabica, that much is certainly known. Arabica beans are the dominant species grown worldwide and thus consumed worldwide. Many mushroom coffee blends will have it. You may find the odd robusta. Robusta is a darker, more intense type of coffee that's well-suited to espresso and dark roasts. However, some people don't like it due to the dark flavors. You aren't likely to find mushroom Kona coffee. Kona production is limited as it is, and pure Kona coffee is as rare as it is expensive. Kona blends - usually 10 percent actual Kona coffee and 90 percent...whatever - are far more prevalent. While it does have a unique flavor due to its environment, Kona is actually just arabica grown in a special place. There are other coffee species out there, to be sure, such as Liberica and a few others, but almost all mushroom coffee is made with Arabica beans. The best will be locally-roasted and sourced from Fair Trade suppliers, as Fair Trade suppliers ensure good treatment, good wages, and ethical practices of the people who make the coffee and provide the beans.

What's In Defiant Mushroom Coffee?

  [caption id="attachment_544" align="alignleft" width="310"]Cardyceps mushroom coffee [/caption] Defiant Mushroom Coffee starts with 100 percent Arabica beans, which we source from Fair Trade suppliers in Mexico. We receive whole beans and roast them ourselves, right here in Spokane, Washington. While our state may have given the world Starbucks - for good or ill - we insist on the better product than the garden variety coffee supplier. To our beans, we add extracts of the Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga mushrooms. We feel that this blend of mushroom extracts is the optimum for health and also for complementary effects to go with coffee.   You drink coffee for energy. Our mushroom coffee will give you the kick of caffeine - without the jitters - plus the calm, cool focus and neurological benefits of our medicinal mushroom blend. You will feel switched on in a way that the typical cup just doesn't create. You can also know that you're supporting a local business, as we roast local, blend local and ship nationwide from one location. We aren't some franchise getting product from a mother corporation; we are a small business that's trying to grow, create value in our community and deliver a quality product. That's what goes into our mushroom coffee.
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