Just what does mushroom coffee feel like?

What are the effects that you'll be able to appreciate off the bat, and how about after drinking it regularly for awhile?
What is it going to be like long-term? What if I drink it every day for years?
It is perfectly natural for you to wonder about these things. After all, you know what you're like on regular coffee; what you'll feel like on mushroom coffee is a total unknown. Of course, you want to know what you'll be in for. The partial truth is that only you are going to know exactly how it will feel. You know how you feel right now; you will know how you feel after drinking mushroom coffee right away, after a few days and maybe longer term. However, there are a few known benefits and feelings that you'll likely get right away.

Mushroom Coffee Has Less Caffeine...But Also Has Nootropic Properties

One of the first things you'll notice is that mushroom coffee doesn't supercharge you immediately the way coffee seems to. You probably won't get any jitters after that second cup either. You may notice a cool energy, a focus that you previously hadn't quite had on the java. There are a couple reasons for this. First, mushroom coffee caffeine levels are lower than that of the standard cup of coffee. While it depends on the blend - we know of a really good mushroom coffee blend - the typical cup of mushroom coffee has roughly half to five-eighths the caffeine of standard coffee. While that's less "energy" from caffeine, that also means fewer jitters. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, no doubt about it. Compared to other natural stimulants such as nicotine, it's actually relatively healthy. However, it also acts on the adrenal glands, releasing cortisol and leading to some tension especially once the caffeine begins to clear the system. Lion's Mane mushrooms increase Nerve Growth Factor, a neurotrophic factor (brain hormone) that stimulate the growth of neurons. This means that your neural pathways are improved by the compounds in Lion's Mane mushrooms, giving your brain a boost in a way that mere stimulants just don't. That gives you a cool focus, as opposed to the sudden, splenetic frenzy of over-caffeinated.

Mushroom Coffee Can Improve Mood

lions-mane mushrooms Another way that drinking mushroom coffee can make you feel is improved mood. Some people have noticed that they feel a little less irritated, a little more even and balanced, when they drink mushroom coffee instead of standard grounds. There are a number of reasons for this. The antioxidant properties of Chaga mushrooms and other types clean out free radicals. They also support healthier adrenal gland function. Traditional coffee can trigger an adrenal response, making you a little more irritable before you have that first cup or when the caffeine is wearing off. Additionally, the cooler, calmer focus that you get from mushroom coffee will mean you're a little less frenzied. Ever get a little hyper, a little too animated because you just finished half of that latte? Mushroom coffee doesn't do that.

There May Be Longer Term Benefits To Mushroom Coffee As Well

Compounds in mushrooms that are commonly found in mushroom coffee blends - such as Cordyceps, Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms - are known to lower oxidative stress. They're known to stimulate nerve growth. They are known to support and boost liver function as well.
You could conceivably enjoy better health in the long term, feeling more alert, with better gut health, better immune responses and possibly even oncological - yes, cancer-fighting - benefits as well.
Granted, has mushroom coffee been proven to be a cure-all or to work clinically? Not yet as such. However, many of the compounds found in the mushroom coffee blends have been demonstrated scientifically to be capable of rendering these benefits. Some people that have been drinking mushroom coffee daily have been finding and reporting better overall health as they've been doing so. You may well find a better overall state of being if you start adding mushroom coffee to your morning and daily routine.

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