How Much Caffeine Is In Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee has become a craze in America lately. But what is mushroom coffee? How does it taste? Does mushroom coffee have caffeine? We will discover answers to all these questions and a lot more about mushroom coffee as you read this article. To begin, let us clarify a misconception that may have arisen. Mushroom coffee is not a cup of coffee with mushrooms floating all over it.

What is mushroom coffee?

What is mushroom coffee Mushroom coffee is not entirely different from a regular cup of coffee. The main difference is that mushroom coffee is infused with the medicinal properties of mushrooms. In a nutshell, mushrooms are dried, and then they are converted into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with powdered coffee beans that result in what we call mushroom coffee. As far as the effects of caffeine are concerned, it is not much different from regular coffee. However, this special variant contributes a lot more towards keeping your health in check.

Medicinal mushrooms

The mushrooms used to make mushroom coffee are not edible mushrooms, at least not in the have-them-for-dinner kind of way. These mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms that have been used in the Asian culture for ages. Mushrooms have been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Coffee lovers have just only recently signed up for the mushroom party. Some common types of mushroom varieties infused with coffee include-
  • Chaga Mushroom
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom
  • Cordyceps Mushroom
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Turkey Tail Mushroom

What does it taste like?

It tastes just like your regular coffee. The medicinal mushroom extracts do not impart any distinguished taste to your coffee, but they do offer a ton of health benefits. Mushrooms and coffee together make a perfect blend that gives your day a kickstart without filling your head with an overwhelming hit of caffeine.

How to make one?

You can buy instant mushroom coffee. Prepare it like our usual instant coffee. Alternatively, you can add the mushroom powder after brewing your regular coffee with hot water.

Does mushroom coffee have caffeine?

mushrooms in coffee One of the major differences between the two coffees is the caffeine content. Caffeine is a stimulant substance that may be found in coffee, tea, sports drinks, and a variety of other foods. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, although only in a mild manner. A psychoactive drug is a substance that affects cognitive functions, including consciousness and emotion. It is a licensed chemical that the Food and Drug Administration considers safe for consumption since it has no negative effects on the body or its functions. Is caffeinated coffee healthy? Yes, when consumed in moderation, it has many potential health benefits like controlling diabetes, providing antioxidants, weight loss, happier mood, more energy, and reducing chances of a heart attack. But there are also some disadvantages to drinking your delicious coffee. Consuming too much too often may result in mental health issues like severe anxiety and insomnia. It can also potentially lead to high blood pressure and indigestion as well. When you drink a lot of caffeinated coffee in your regular diet, it has negative consequences. So, to limit the amount of caffeine in your cup of joe, mushroom coffees are a great alternative. It is simple logic; the instant mushroom coffee powder is half mushroom powder and half coffee powder—less coffee, meaning less caffeine content.

Mushroom coffee has around 50mg of caffeine per serving.

The amount of caffeine per serving will be different for different brands. But it should be somewhere around 50mg of caffeine per serving. For comparison, the average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. FDA suggests that 400mg of caffeine per day is the maximum amount of caffeine that can be considered good for health. Drinking anything more than 4-5 cups of coffee (containing 400mg caffeine) can cause issues like anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, and high blood pressure. The amount of caffeine in mushroom coffees is far less. This also means you can have a couple of extra cups on some days.

Health benefits of mushroom coffee

mushroom coffee health You might be wondering, why mushrooms, though? Well, these medical mushrooms have a lot of health benefits associated with them. Mushroom coffee can help you get all the health benefits of regular coffee, and it also helps you avoid its side effects. It is a win-win situation for a coffee drinker.

Ample Antioxidants

Mushroom coffee benefits our skin. Oxidation is a process that happens in the presence of free radicals within the body. It leads to many skin problems like premature aging, skin pigmentation, etc. It also leads to cell damage. Antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress on the skin. Both the coffee and the mushrooms are natural antioxidants and can do wonders for your skin and body.

Filled with nutrients

Mushroom coffee is packed with multiple nutrients. Iron, B-complex vitamins like B12, potassium, fiber, amino acids, and other nutrients are present in the mushroom powder. Some mushrooms, such as Lion's mane mushroom, even boast high protein content.

Reduces risk of heart attack

Heart disease or cardiovascular diseases sometimes occur due to the accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood vessels. This cholesterol blocks the path of blood flowing in the vessels, resulting in heart attacks. Drinking mushroom coffee can help you avoid heart diseases. Reishi extracts have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease. Caffeine is also a substance that helps reduce bad cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels.

Helps in controlling anxiety and insomnia

Caffeine is responsible for keeping us awake. As mentioned earlier, a consistent overdose of caffeine can lead to mental health diseases like anxiety and insomnia. The lower amount of caffeine in mushroom coffee helps in controlling your overall caffeine intake without making you cut down on your favorite coffee. Adaptogens, a group of substances that help stabilize mental behaviors, are found in abundance in some varieties of medicinal mushrooms, such as Lion's mane and Chaga mushrooms. They can therefore support your body's response to physiological disturbances. Mushroom coffee won't make your anxiety disappear, but it may help you manage it better.

Builds immunity

The Covid 19 crisis has reminded us that the importance of having a good immune system has increased. Beta-glucan is a substance that is essential for building immunity. It is not naturally produced in our body, so we have to rely on external sources. Mushroom coffee is a great source of Beta-glucan and can help you stay healthy.


The medicinal usage of mushrooms was identified by Asian cultures ages ago. It has a lot of health benefits like antioxidation, immunity building, reducing chances of heart diseases, and much more. Mushroom coffee is made by adding the mushroom extract to regular coffee. It is the perfect way to enjoy your daily cup of joe. It tastes and looks just like regular coffee. It will give you the morning kickstart without stuffing your body with excess caffeine.
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