Have you ever wanted to experience that Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar action sports branding without all the garbage? Defiant Coffee is filled with grass-fed collagen and medicinal mushrooms that will take your adventure to the next level.

Have you heard the hype about mushroom extracts or collagen? I know I have and I have done my fair share of research prior to the bandwagon explosion. I am not a fan of bandwagons or fad diets but if they result in people making healthy decisions, I can get over myself. Collagen and mushrooms deserve every bit of publicity they are getting. You are in the right place because we are talking all things shrooms, collagen, and coffee. Ah-hah, if all the mushroom talk didn’t get you, the coffee did. Let’s get started. Have you ever come across a brand that totally blew your mind? You know, those brands that make you question if you have been living under a rock since you didn’t know about them? That’s how I felt when came across Defiant Coffee. They are a PNW local brand with a history of actions sports and defiance. I love it. Their coffee is different than any I have ever seen because it contains medicinal mushrooms and collagen. All organic, all fair-trade, all out of this world. Seriously, these guys are legit. They didn’t want just another coffee on the shelf. They wanted something that could increase health while energizing you throughout your busy day. My favorite thing is when I find a product that contains ingredients I already take daily. If you are 99% of people in America (probably), you most likely drink coffee in some way shape or form. Whether that’s black, sugary or shots, admit it, you love coffee! I personally don’t drink coffee and there is no particular reason other than I don’t. My husband, on the other hand, loves his GOOD coffee and has gone gaga over their coffee. While I don’t sip a cup a’ joe a’ day, I bake with it, add it to smoothies and make body scrubs with it. The fact that you don’t have to add mushroom extracts to your coffee turns out to be a huge money saver and who doesn’t love to save money? Especially when its simultaneously giving us life.

Defiant Mushroom Coffee Ingredients

Living a healthy life in this unhealthy culture may prove difficult at times. Luckily, God has given us amazing herbs and crops like medical mushrooms and collagen to boost our health. Cordyceps, Chaga and Lions Mane are the three mushrooms found in Defiant Coffee. Defiant Coffee sources only organic mushroom extracts that are from the fruiting body of the mushroom. Here’s a little bit about them and what they are good for.
  • Lion’s Mane – Improve brain functions, support a healthy heart and circulatory system, decreases inflammation, a potent antioxidant, immune stimulator, manage diabetes
  • Chaga – Prevent/treat cancer (yeah, for real) [1], stimulate the immune system, antiviral, lower inflammation, increase physical endurance and stamina
  • Cordyceps – fights cancer, clear up respiratory problems, prevent asthma, prevent/assist healing in liver disease, support Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, increase stamina and athletic ability, aphrodisiac (bow chica wow wow)
You can see that, by putting these three extremely potent antioxidants together, you are setting yourself up for success. Not mention a better sex drive, less aching, more endurance and a smaller chance of cancer. It really is a no-brainer, you have to try this stuff.
“Never give up – Never give in!” -Founders Ronnie & Jeremy
So, you thought it has been good thus far, huh? It is about to get even better. Defiant Coffee takes it to the next level by sourcing only 100% organic, ethically sourced and grass-fed ingredients. Each batch of coffee is locally roasted in small batches to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. Their beans come straight from the Farmers of Grapos in Chiapas, Mexico. Their beans are fully washed without chemicals and other crap and later dried in the sun. These families in Mexico commit their lives to handwork so you have had a good cup of coffee. How cool is that?
The next ingredient we will focus on is the hydrolyzed collagen protein from grass-fed bovine. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies but as we start to age it decreases. Things like natural hormones changes, drugs, alcohol, environmental pollutants, stress, white sugar, hydrogenated oil, excess sun exposure and nutritional deficiencies can cause these levels to drop quickly. Type I and III collagen are found in Defiant Coffee and those types of collagen make up hair, nails, skin, teeth, blood vessels, muscles, and bones. Collagen helps to repair gut health, speeds up muscle healing and makes your skin nice and fancy. All forms of collagen are great but hydrolyzed is 90% more absorbable than others found in food.

Where to get Mushroom Coffee?

Flour Mill Natural Foods – Hayden, ID Barney’s Harvest Foods – Spokane Valley, WA & Pinehurst, ID Online Mushroom Coffee Store – the easiest way

How to Drink Mushroom Coffee?

We recommend you use a french press because although some companies claim the extracts can get through the filters of pour overs, Chemex, etc. we aren’t 100% positive and don’t want you missing out on any of these goods. Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Defiant Coffee. As always, the opinions are mine and the science is true! Opinions are too priceless to sell (: GA-Pixal