Sneering at the "locavore" who advocates for locally roasted coffee, are you? You probably shouldn't...because you don't know what you're missing out on.

3 Reasons You Should Be Buying Locally Roasted Coffee

You don't need skinny jeans or a fedora to appreciate locally roasted coffee. You don't even need to look out for or notice when something's ironic, and you also don't need to start a blog. Well, unless you wanted to. You totally can, and with some local'll have more energy to do it! That said, here are 3 reasons you should consider locally roasted coffee.

You Get Better Quality Coffee

You'll enjoy coffee more that actually tastes good. That's the reason why so many people drown theirs in milk and sugar; they get bad coffee, to begin with and as a result, end up with only a moderate pickup in energy and - eventually - Type 2 diabetes from all that sugar. What can you expect from locally roasted coffee?
A better overall product. A better cup of coffee. Why?
It's pretty simple. The people who take the good time and trouble to start a coffee roasting company care about the quality of the beans. They care about how they are roasted and ultimately, they care about the quality of the coffee that their customers are going to drink. Imagine opening a distillery in Scotland that's only going to offer single malt whiskey. They don't do it because they want to supply the world's dive bars with good whiskey for cocktails; they want to create a quality product for the people who appreciate it. Therefore, a local coffee roaster is someone who cares about the quality of the product. Sure, that tin of grounds that you can get from any supermarket will be good enough whenever you want it. But why get good enough when you can actually have good?

Virtuous Consumption

There is such a thing as virtuous consumption. In other words, you can actually do good by virtue of an innately self-interested action, namely that of consumption of certain goods if you do it in the right way. A locally roasted coffee source can definitely be that. Start with the beans. If sourced from a Fair Trade producer, a fair price is paid to the farmer who grew them and the people who work there. You're helping to stimulate the economy of places where people live on a few dollars per day. Then go to the roaster themselves. Instead of injecting cash into a multinational corporation - which may have questionable business practices - you're buying a product from a producer in the local community. This means the money you spend is doing good nearby as well. Therefore, getting your beans from a local coffee roaster can be an example of virtuous consumption, which is true of buying local in many instances.

You'll Enjoy Your Coffee More

As a general rule, the better the quality of the product, and the better a person feels about consuming it, the more they will enjoy it. You'll look forward to that morning or mid-day cup a whole lot more than you did before. Why? You know that it's going to taste great since you're getting beans as fresh as they can possibly get. You know that they come from a good source, both at the point of origin and where you get them locally. You know that by buying from a local source, that coffee expenditure will not only benefit the local community, it will also benefit other parts of the supply chain and to a greater degree than buying mass-produced coffee. Oh, and you know what? Since you're buying roasted beans or fresh grounds from freshly roasted beans, you're still going to come out ahead compared to buying two or three lattes from some silly national chain that overcharges for sugar monstrosities dressed up as espresso. You get better coffee, you get to do some good, and you can actually save money doing it.
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