Mushroom coffee is the new health trend to cut down caffeine and improve your overall wellness, but many have asked what does mushroom coffee taste like? Your taste buds probably clench at the idea of drinking liquified mushrooms with some far-gone flavor of your favorite morning brew. But, this isn't the case for us. While it can depend on the variation and brand of mushroom coffee you choose, Defiant Coffee is not among those brands. It's pretty wild that we can pack a bunch of super-food mushrooms into a coffee blend without having you taste the earthiness of it. So, if you're concerned about losing the bold taste in your cup of joe, don't be. Then, what does mushroom coffee taste like? Well, ours does not taste like the mushrooms we use and here is why.

We Use Coffee Beans

Our coffee beans are one-hundred percent Arabica coffee beans. Many other brands just have some coffee along with various mushrooms and that is what gives these brand that earthy mushroom taste you're apprehensive about. It' almost like they use coffee beans as a filler. But, we're committed to providing a healthier coffee that doesn't involve chunks of mushroom crowding some beans. If wondering what does mushroom coffee taste like, ours tastes like Arabica coffee because we use Arabica coffee beans as the main ingredient. Why mess with a flavor people have enjoyed for centuries? We tinkered and toyed with bettering the mushroom coffee that was available in order to help people better their health with these super-foods rather than getting them to like a new taste. You shouldn't have to change what you like, we should better what you already enjoy. So, we did just that!

Why Doesn't It Taste like Mushrooms?

Now that we've answered what does mushroom coffee taste like, we can tell you why ours doesn't taste like mushrooms. What we do is infuse the Arabian coffee beans with the extracts of the Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps mushrooms. That way you get the health benefits of these nutrient and vitamin-rich mushrooms without chewing a hunk of it or becoming accustomed to an earthy taste. The only difference you'll notice between our mushroom coffee and your current coffee is fewer to no caffeine jitters and improved wellness. Don't worry, you still get that morning perk. It'll just be jitter-free. When the coffee beans are steeped in the extract, they soak in all the nutrients from the mushrooms while not absorbing their taste. We essentially supe up the beans and make them super-food coffee beans. So, you don't have to worry about what these mushrooms taste like because what does mushroom coffee taste like? Ours tastes just like any Arabian bean coffee. We're sure you've thought that picking up a bag of mushroom coffee meant finding powdered mushroom mixed in or pieces of Lion's Mane mushroom sifting through the beans. But, rest assured that is not the case with us. It's kind of like laying in a bath that has essential oils in it. Your skin soaks up all the benefits of that oil although there are no hunks of flowers and herbs in the bath. Kind of the same thing here. This is a big part of answering what does mushroom coffee taste like, depends on how they make it. Now you know how we make ours and why it tastes just like any other coffee.

That Is What Mushroom Coffee Tastes Like

Between using Arabian coffee beans as the main ingredient and infusing them with mushroom extract, you can see why asking what does mushroom coffee taste like being a non-question for us. Tastes just like any other coffee! The crucial differences are that mushroom coffee has far less caffeine, still delivers the morning pick-me-up, and is packed full of beneficial nutrients for your health. There has been plenty of research on the medicinal mushrooms that we infuse with our coffee beans and how it promotes longevity and wellness. We even have a blog post about it here. But, for now, what is important is answering your initial question. What does mushroom coffee taste like? Depends on the brand, but rest-assured that ours tastes like regular coffee. You don't need to switch around your palette with us, just keep enjoying your morning joe. Now with more health benefits.
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