Is mushroom coffee worth the premium? It costs more than regular coffee, that's for sure. It can't really be worth the extra expense. Or Can It? "Worth it" is relative. What's something worth to you? Let's go over this a little more.

Price Of Mushroom Coffee Vs Regular Coffee

The thing is that you can get very decent coffee for not much more than the mass-produced stuff, but it's hard to get mushroom coffee for a comparative bargain. The standard 12-oz bag of Starbucks, Seattle's Best or Tully's, for instance, or something like that isn't that much more - often a little less - than the standard 31 oz tub of Folgers. Granted, it's not that Folgers is BAD, per se, it's just that the premium product is just that good. [caption id="attachment_544" align="alignleft" width="300"]Cardyceps mushroom coffee Mushroom Coffee Blend $22.00[/caption] It's like buying a car. Is a Toyota really so bad? Not at all, and in fact they've gotten swankier in recent years. It's not that driving a Camry is bad, far from it; it's just that driving a Mercedes S-Class is that good. Think of mushroom coffee the same way. Is it that regular coffee is sub-par? Not at all. You can find some pretty amazing small-batch roasted coffees that are absolutely incredible. However, it's more that mushroom coffee is so amazing on its own.

Are Mushroom Coffee Benefits Worth It?

Are mushroom coffee benefits worth it? Is the expenditure actually going to be worth it in terms of benefits for you? Well, your mileage may vary. Exactly what benefits you'll get from mushroom coffee might vary. You might only get a more interesting breakfast drink. We don't make medicine; we only make the highest-quality coffee we can, including mushroom coffee that may or may not have benefits for you. Compounds within various mushrooms - such as Lion's Mane, chaga and cordyceps mushrooms - are known to have health benefits, which you may experience if you begin drinking mushroom coffee.

What are some of those benefits?

What are the health benefits of mushroom coffee? Increased focus and cognition is possible, as compounds in these mushrooms are known to stimulate neural activity. Granted, the caffeine helps too! However, this is a benefit many people who have begun drinking mushroom coffee have noticed. You also won't get the jitters or irritable like some people do with regular coffee. The reduced caffeine level is responsible for this effect. Is being a little less grouchy, and having a cooler, more focused demeanor worth it to you? Since mushroom coffee is less acidic, you can drink it on an empty stomach without issues. You'll get less yellowing of your teeth, and your tooth enamel will also be better off for it. That may be worth it to some people; the sour stomach that sometimes comes with that first cup can be quite upsetting to some, especially those with sensitive stomachs. Do these benefits sound worth it to you? That's entirely up to you. However, a lot of our customers have found that it is completely worth it to them. Get a bag of Defiant Coffee Mushroom Coffee and find out for yourself. You have nothing to lose but the jitters!
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